As a Owner Representation/Consulting Firm Pryce Resources aids the owner in the absence of any or little experience and/or knowledge of the real estate development or building construction process. Pryce Resources has variable of expereience in planning, design, construction, construction management, project management, real estate and the overall development process with the ability to anticipate and solve problems in a timely manner. Some of the key objectives include:

  • Aid client to identify project goals and vision
  • Assist in Site/property Evaluation
  • Assist client to build a team that fits the client's project
  • Review clients project progression over time, to make sure it is on time, within budget and in line with financial goals.


Douette is a grounded, business oriented developer. He is smart and savvy and connects the dots needed to make a project happen. He will provide an honest analysis of the hurdles and pitfalls a project faces. He has the drive and political skill to guide it throught the entangled regulatory process. Douette is a guy I would want on my team, because I know it will be successful.

Howard Zoromsky – President at HS&R Contracting LLC

Douette is a disciplined man of character and a solid contributor within all of portions of the project teams we have worked on. He has a keen eye for quality, anticipates solutions, and facilitates progress to the common goal. I would enjoy working with Douette again if the opportunity presented itself.

Dean Sumner – CEO - Certus Builders, Inc

Douette is an experienced Real Estate professional who understands how to manage the complexities of large development projects. He is a committed individual who works tirelessly to achieve the goals of the project and the team.

Tim McEachern – Vice President - Senior Portfolio Manager at Regions

Douette is great to work with on real estate projects. Douette has a wide range of experience that helps him make informed and practical real estate development decisions.

Joshua Escoto – NextEra Energy, Inc.

Douette consistently exhibited strong development skills throughout his career at Opus. His exceptional work ethic and keen eye for development opportunities were well recognized by senior management.

Richard Clarke – VP at Opus